Welcome TO British School

British School was started in June 2012 by Dr. M. Antony Britto, to render practical oriented international education and exposure to the children of India, who will make real change & difference to their own lives, families and the society they live in. We treat other people as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Join our school and enjoy learning!

Nothing is more important than your child well-being. We take all possible measures for the safety and well-being of your child

Our Features

After School Clubs

Music, Drama. Public Speech, Writing, Drawing, Classical Dance, Western Dance

Language Lessons

English, Hindi, French, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu.


For pick up and drop, please contact our Transport Department at the school.

Practical Oriented Education

We make sure that what is taught in the class room, is learnt for life.


Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis, Chess and other indoor games.

Qualified Teachers

We carefully choose qualified, dedicated teachers from India and abroad.

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Birthday Wall

S. Surjith, 2nd STD
Senthil Alagappan, UKG

Our After School Activities

Puzzle club is an enjoyable after-school club, which exercises the child's brain. There are loads of different types of puzzles that we have, including: word searches, crosswords, soduku and loads more!

Water paintings club is where you use water colours to paint extraordinary pictures! After you have finished your marvellous painting, everyone in the club will be able to give positive feedback on each others paintings!

Dance club is where the children are exposed to different types of music to dance every week. The teacher who will be teaching the dances will teach special dance moves in rhythm with the music.

Chess club is a relaxing game. If you come to Chess club- even if you don't know how to play or even if you are an expert- you will be able to play against someone with the same skills as you and your opponent will increase in difficulty every time you win.

Story cum poem writing club is a great way to increase your knowledge to write and expand your ideas.

Music club has lots of instruments that you can learn to play, including: keyboard, violin, flute, guitar and drums.

Football club is where you can learn how to kick and pass a ball. There are a variety of different activities to play, including a dribbling race, where everyone has a ball and dribbles it as quick as they can towards the end. Occasionally, we will hold a match within ourselves.

What The Parents Say

British School is open for everyone to enjoy learning and achieve anything in life.

My child enjoys studying here, there are so much fun activities here to go along side with learning.

My child enjoys this school because she has lots of encouragement from her teachers.

I like this school because my child feels safe and feels that this school has a great learning environment.

My child enjoys this school because the lessons are extremely fun and my child gets well looked after.